Download the app.

If you have an iOS or Android platform connected to internet, just download the app. Then create your account as a snow shoveler with WeDo. When it’s done, it will be necessary to provide banking informations (protect by Stripe) in order to obtain the total amount of the income you did for the present week. All the payment are done by direct deposit in your bank account. You’ll need the following informations:  
Transit number (xxxxx)
Institution number (xxx)
Account number

Connect to WeDo

Keep an eye open, when you see a snowstorm , simply activate your profile on the application to view the available commands. Once you have determined the command to perform , all you have to do is to accept the job and go to the customer property, as soon as possible .

Do the work

Once you arrive to the property, it’s primordial to take a picture before you shovel the zone determined by the client. Then, perform the shopping of every one indicated by the customer, when you’re done, you’ll have to take pictures of those zones once again. Then, you’re done, click on done and find another command. Those pictures will be sent to the customers, to assure that you’ve done the job properly. After, it be possible to see your available balance for the 7 days period, witch will be deposit directly in your account every Thursday.​

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